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Want to help guide professional advocacy? Consider applying for a leadership position on PTPAC.

The PTPAC Board of Trustees consists of eight members who serve four-year terms. Every two years four new trustees are appointed by the APTA Board of Directors

Trustee Requirements and Responsibilities

Each trustee will maintain active membership in APTA.

Each trustee will contribute annually to PTPAC at least at the Eagle Club level.

Each trustee will identify prospective club-level participants among APTA members.

Each trustee will identify fundraising strategies to meet PTPAC's target contribution goals.

Each trustee will mentor PTPAC ambassadors.

Each trustee will be a resource for APTA's state chapters and sections regarding political advocacy, including state chapter PACs.

Application Cycle

To be considered for a trustee position, APTA members must submit a consent form to APTA by Dec. 31 of an odd-numbered year.

Forms are forwarded to the APTA Board of Directors for consideration at its March meeting in the following even-numbered year. New trustees officially start their positions on January 1 the following year.

The board appoints four new PAC trustees to serve four-year terms preceded by a half-year orientation period that begins July 1 following the March appointments. During the orientation period, the new trustees participate as guests during telephone conference calls and must attend the Private Practice Section annual meeting as a nonvoting member.

The APTA Board of Directors uses the following criteria when appointing new PT-PAC trustees:

  • Participation in PTPAC at the Eagle levels.
  • Ability to raise funds on behalf of PTPAC.
  • Diversity in representation from APTA sections or assemblies.
  • Participation in APTA at the national level.
  • Diversity in representation from geographic regions of the country.
  • Knowledge, participation, and leadership in government affairs issues and activities.
  • Professionalism and leadership in organizational management.