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Thank you Double Eagle Club members!

Double Eagle Club Members Donation Amount: $1,000 unencumbered contribution in a calendar year.

Club Level Benefits

Members of Double Eagle club receive the following major donor level benefits:

  • Double Eagle Club lapel pin
  • Complimentary registration to PAC events at Combined Sections Meeting, APTA's other nationa conference, and Private Practice Section conference
  • Complimentary registration to Federal Advocacy Forum
  • Contributor's name published at conferences
  • Thank-you letter

Become a Double Eagle Club Member

To join the Double Eagle Club, please contact Michael Matlack directly at 703/706-3163 or by making your donation online.

*Double Eagle Club members can make their contribution in up to 12 installments over 1 year (eg, monthly installments would be $83.34).

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2022 Double Eagle Club Members