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PTPAC, the political action committee of the American Physical Therapy Association recognizes the importance of APTA members attending and contributing to political fundraisers on behalf of PTPAC as a key way to solidify and enhance relationships between APTA members and elected officials.

That's why the PAC has developed a process that allows an APTA member to request a disbursement on behalf of a candidate for federal office.

The request for disbursement is made using this completed downloadable form and sent to Michael Matlack, director of government affairs, or to

The initial decision regarding a disbursement will be made within seven days by APTA's director of congressional affairs in accordance with the criteria for disbursements for candidates for federal office and in consultation with APTA's vice president of government affairs or, in some instances, the PTPAC Board of Trustees. Requesters may appeal denied requests to APTA's chief executive officer, whose decision is final.

If the disbursement request has been approved, in most cases the check from PTPAC will be mailed directly to the campaign. All individuals participating in the fundraiser on behalf of PTPAC must follow PAC fundraiser attendee requirements .

Access Request Funds Form

Email the completed form to Michael Matlack, director of  congressional affairs, or to

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