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APTA members who own a physical therapy practice can enroll their company in the PTPAC payroll deduction program.

This program allows employees who are APTA members to contribute to PTPAC through payroll deduction. Before payroll deduction begins, a sequence of events must occur, including employer authorization of payroll deduction, and employee payroll authorization.

Please thoroughly review and consider all of the steps below before initiating an automated payroll deduction. PTPAC can only accept donations from current APTA members.

For the APTA member who owns or co-owns the company:

  1. The first step is to complete the employer authorization payroll deduction form and return it to APTA.
  2. After receiving the employer authorization payroll deduction form, the designated company representative must provide an invoice to APTA of annual payroll deduction services the corporation will provide. This should include actual costs of administrative staff time, creation of a deduction code through the third-party payroll vendor, adding individuals to the PTPAC payroll deduction system, checks made out to PTPAC, value of the lists of employees the corporations provide, postage, etc.
  3. The invoice should be sent to:
    Via mail: Michael Matlack, Director of Congressional Affairs
    3030 Potomac Avenue, Suite 100, Alexandria, VA. 22305-3085
    Via email:
  4. Corporations electing to permit payroll deduction will provide APTA (Michael Matlack) the names of all their employees who are PTs or PTAs. Using this information, APTA will identify those who are APTA members. APTA will contact those employees and invite them to participate in the payroll deduction plan. The solicitation will inform the employee of PTPAC's political purpose and of the employee's right to refuse to contribute without incurring any reprisal.
  5. Once the company receives advance payment for payroll deduction services from APTA, APTA member employees may make donations to PTPAC through the company's payroll deduction system.
  6. The designated company payroll contact will provide Michael Matlack with all individuals' names and the contribution amount per paycheck before commencing the payroll deduction plan. APTA staff must verify that all employees permitting payroll deduction contributions are APTA members. See Employee Payroll Deduction Authorization Form.
  7. The corporation will remit a single check to PTPAC that represents the entire aggregate amount of contributions made by all employees, along with a document providing the names of each contributor and the amount of each individual's contribution. The corporation will then transmit this check within 10 days of making the authorized deductions.

Additional Forms


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