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Five things you might not know about your PTPAC.

There are federal laws that restrict how PACs make money to support their profession or foundation. Here's why your donation as an APTA member is so important.

Below are some interesting federal PAC laws and regulations as they relate to the American Physical Therapy Association, its members, and the profession.

  1. PTPAC can only solicit APTA members for donations.
  2. PTPAC cannot take APTA dues money for contributions to candidates running for Congress (it's illegal). An APTA member must make a voluntary contribution to PTPAC for this purpose.
  3. PTPAC can accept both personal and business donations from APTA members, but only personal donations can be directly contributed to candidates running for Congress. Business donations to PTPAC are used only for the PAC’s administrative expenses.
  4. Federal PACs are only allowed to contribute $5,000 for a primary and $5,000 for a general election to a congressional candidate. APTA members can contribute up to $5,000 to PTPAC in a year.
  5. PTPAC is required to file monthly reports to the Federal Election Commission detailing donations received and disbursements made to congressional candidates.