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As we celebrate PTPAC's 50th anniversary this year, we have an ambitious goal to raise $1 million to help our efforts on Capitol Hill. In 2006 PTPAC raised $986,000 with less members than we currently have in 2023. We can do it!

Our biggest challenge to achieve this goal is APTA member participation in PTPAC. Since 2007, APTA member participation has slowly declined, from 11.7% to 4.1% in 2022. If you break that down by PTs, PTAs, and students you find the following:

  • 14.4% to 6.0% for PTs
  • 7.0% to 3.2% for PTAs
  • 3.5% to 0.37% for Students

In previous surveys to APTA members, many members said they would support PTPAC every year, but they had questions or misconceptions about PTPAC.

To answer some of the most asked questions, we have provided information about:

We hope that you will join our efforts to celebrate PTPAC's 50 years of advocacy to impact legislation in Congress by supporting our $50 for 50 years campaign. Much more needs to be accomplished for the profession but it only happens with more participation from APTA members. Think about the possibilities and changes we could make in Congress for our patients and clinics.

Please consider supporting your PAC today