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PTPAC Ambassadors are key communicators of the PAC's value, and they are at the heart of efforts to grow participation.

Ambassadors are assigned to a member of the PTPAC Board of Trustees, who help them focus their efforts within their states to educate APTA members about PTPAC.


The PTPAC, the political action committee of APTA Ambassador program is open to Eagle Club members and above (or lower-level club members if no Eagle Club members are within the state.)


  • Support the PTPAC Board of Trustees by keeping in contact at least quarterly with club-level donors in an assigned geographic area.
  • Identify new PTPAC members.
  • Motivate existing PTPAC contributors to increase their club levels.
  • Encourage PTPAC members to participate in local federal congressional events.

Ambassador Responsibilities

  • With the trustee, set goals to identify and increase PTPAC donors and contributions.
  • Contact five to 10 members per month (an initial list will be provided by PTPAC trustee).
  • Assist trustees at conferences during business meetings and at the PTPAC booth.

Trustee Responsibilities (with support from PTPAC staff)

  • Serve as liaison between assigned ambassadors and the PTPAC Board of Trustees.
  • Provide ambassadors with a list of all donors in their assigned area.
  • With the ambassador, set goals such as growth in number of individuals who give, increase in Eagle Club members, movement up in contribution levels, and increase in dollars contributed.

Become an Ambassador

Interested in becoming a PTPAC ambassador? Contact Michael Matlack at

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